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About Your Appointment

Length of Your Appointment

A new patient retinal exam takes longer than most general ophthalmology exams. This initial appointment may last up to 2 hours so that we may complete the examination and diagnostic testing necessary to diagnose your retinal condition.

If you require follow up, subsequent visits will be much shorter.

What to Bring

If you do not speak English, we suggest you travel with a companion who can act as a translator.

Please the following items with you to your appointment:

  • medical records from your referring doctor,
  • your photo identification,
  • insurance cards so we may bill your insurance plan correctly,
  • a list of your medications with their dosages,
  • glasses or contact lenses so we can measure your vision accurately.

If diabetic, please bring snacks/medications.

Eye Dilation & Driving

Retina exams require eye dilation, so your vision may be blurred and your eyes will be sensitive to light. You will need someone to drive you after your visit.

To protect your eyes, please plan to have sunglasses on hand at your appointment, or we can provide you with temporary sunglasses when your visit is over.